None Like Thee [Feat. Ejiro Miller]


Faithful God
Holy One
There is none compared to Him

You make impossibilities possible
You rule in the day
You rule in the night
You never will forsake the words you speak
There's no God like you
The turn the world from darkness
Gave us light
Redeem us from sin
And gave us Christ
You set waters apart to give dry land
There's no God like you
So we say

There is no God
That is more than thee
The one who makes impossibilities possible
You are God all by yourself
There's no one like thee
You're my friend
You're my help
You're my all in all

You are God
You are kind
You are lord
You are great
Creator of the universe
Maker of all
Matchless saviour
There's no God like thee
Holy one of Israel you are
Mighty in battles you are
Perfect in all your ways you are
There is no God like thee

No one
No God like thee eh
No one no one like thee
No God from age to age
You remain the same

There is no God like thee
Light of the world
Mighty in battle
Beautiful in all your ways
Ocean divider
Faithful one of Israel
I call you mighty God
Man of war
Balm of gilead
Ancient of days
Lord of host
You are God alone
You are God by yourself
We worship you lord
We love you Lord
No other God like thee
You are king
You are lord
You are great
Awesome God
Mighty God
Omnipotent God
There's no God like thee

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