Ijesumhe (My God)

Pastor SunnyPraiz

Yeah yeah yeah
We worship you Jesus
Who can deny your goodness?
Who can deny your good works in this world?
Jesus, we have seen what youve done
In the lives of people so many years ago.
You made the blind to see, you made the lame to work.
Oh Jesus, your miracles, they are verifiable.
Your miracles *2.
They are reliable.
Thats why we say
Ijesumhe (My God) /3x
Iyeremhia (Dont forget me)
You are worthy
Ogena mhe no gie (My God who is the king)
Bright and morning star
Ancient of days, Lilly of the valley, thats who you are.
(no one be like you Jesus)
Your miracles are verifiable.
Jesus, your the Lilly of the valley, I give you praise
Mighty man of war, mighty man in battle.
Ehhh, you are worthy of my praise

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