Obulu Baba


Verse 1
I was a slave when He came
He came in yea
He took my pains and my burdens away
Oh oh
Every wrong that i did
He paid the price cos
I couldnt pay Yea
He made me a new one
He took my reproach away
Then He gave this life to me
A better and brighter life Yea
I feel the way i feel right now because He did it all
Jesu, Jesus Christi
Osenera, Obulu baba
Jesu, Jesu Christi
Olorun, Im saying thank you
Verse 2
I love you Lord
With all my heart Oh yea..
Miraculous Jesus
My saviour
I live for you alone
I was a wanderer when you found me
You said youll never let me go
For my sake you bled and died
They nailed you cos of me
Ah ah ahh
Jesu Im grateful
Ah ah ahh
Jesu Im grateful
Imela oooo
Thank you Lord
For the way you love me
Imela Ese oooo
Obulu ooo Glory

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