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Whepano - Tony Touch Lyrics

Intro :
Thank you heavenly father
The God who was
Who is
And who is to come
You are the only one
Chorus :
Whepano oh Whepano hmmmn
Whepano oh Osenobua mhe
You dey do well oh
I can not deny oh
Whepano Ose Whepanoooo
Whepano Ose Whepano
(Oh we bless you Jesus)
Huuuuuuuuuun uuuuh Oh uu yeah Eeeh eheee eehn
Verse 1:
If i can just count all my blesses
That has been so much
If it wasnt for your grace and your mercy
Where would i be.
In you i live in you i move
And have my being yeah yeah
Whepano Ose Whepano Ijesu mhe
Whepano Ose Whepano
(Osenobua mhe)
Repeat Chorus
Adlib :
Eeeh eeh eeeh
Youre the only one
You are everything
I can not deny Whepano
Osenobua mhe
Eeh eeh ehehn
Whepano oooh
Verse 2 :
Ighayere oh oh
Ese nuwe Lui mhe
Obungbe Oponogbe oh
If i start to dey name them all
Youre the only one comforter
In times distress you hear me
(Oh oh oh oh)
Whepano Ose Whepanoooo
Whepano Ose Whepano
Osenobua mhe
Repeat Chorus
Adlib :
The only one God
I have never any God like you
You dey do me everything
You dey do everywhere
Nobody can give it
Whepano ooo eeh eeeh eeh eehn
Youre my shield
You are my provider
Youre my deliverer
You are everything
And everything is you Jesus
Eeeh eeh
I can not deny I can not deny
Only you only you God
Whepano oh oh oh
Chant :
Osenobua mhe Whepano
Chineke mo oh oh oh Whepano
Agbadagburu Godi eeh Whepano
Eledumare Whepano
Hmmmmmn Halleluyah

Whepano lyrics !!!